Pipedrive AI Booster: Elevate Your Sales Game



We’re thrilled to introduce our new implementation package, custom-built for Pipedrive and its API.

Over the years, we’ve experimented with various ways in which custom-made ML models and AI extensions can be consumed by businesses and individuals alike. We think that the fastest way to value is to build ML/AI on top of existing software tools while mediating access to the state of the ML models in the context of the data model of a specific tool. While we believe this will ultimately lead to ML “eating away” the software tools that gave birth to the specific ML extensions, we don’t see it as a problem but rather as a natural sequence of tech evolutionary laws at play.

In the past, we’ve worked extensively with the Pipedrive API, building custom-made dashboards and models on top of its data sources. It’s always been a quality dataset to work with because of its well-thought-out and powerful data schema and API, which secures access to virtually any significant resource in the Pipedrive ecosystem. Weeks, and probably months, of experimenting with this data model led us to launch our first offering – Pipedrive AI Booster. This package consists of a number of important features that will make every marketer’s life easier. Pipedrive AI Booster combines newly added Pipedrive built-in AI extensions and custom-made ML modeling capabilities to offer a strong package that will elevate your Pipedrive to the next level with AI.

The first part of the package is the AI Email Generator, aimed at helping you craft compelling, personalized emails with just a bit of prompting. With Pipedrive AI Email Generator, you won’t have to draft your emails manually. Instead, the generator will contextualize your message to the recipients automatically, using prompts you define. The Email Summaries extension will distill lengthy email threads into essential details.

Another part of the AI booster is Sales Assistant. Think of it as having a dedicated analyst on standby, scanning your deals to identify the most promising opportunities. It suggests next best actions as well as flagging high-potential deals, empowering you to prioritize with precision.

The third important component of our Pipedrive AI Booster package is the built-up of multiple custom ML models on top of your standard data model, which is ready to enrich your data flows with predictive data points, learned from your account’s data exclusively. This component is based on our custom-built predictive customer data infrastructure, pCDI. These models are pre-trained, but they’re always contextualized and retrained on a specific account’s data. With our predictive insights, powered by custom scoring models and predictive properties, you’ll gain true visibility into your sales pipeline, knowing exactly where to invest your efforts for maximum impact. We’ve described the functional and high-level overview of the data architecture supporting the Pipedrive AI Booster module.

You don’t have to reinvent your business to start embracing AI/ML. From AI Email Generator and Summaries to AI Sales Assistant, all the way to real-time predictions – you can truly test the waters of AI, all backed by a risk-free Proof of Concept. Discover whether the power of AI will be transformative for your sales strategy and entire organization, propelling your business towards success.

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