Supercharge your Pipedrive with AI/ML

Boost productivity and close more deals with AI modules and custom extensions plugged into your Pipedrive account.

AI E-mail Creation & Summarization

Automatically generate personalized 1-to-1 emails and run follow-up campaigns on autopilot. Summarize long email threads into key bullet points to stay focused on the big picture.

Pipedrive AI & Sales Assistant

Identify the best sales opportunities and lucrative deal patterns. Get recommended next best actions and focus your energy on high-potential deals to accelerate closings and increase success rates.

Predictive Properties and Custom Scoring Model

Enhance Pipedrive’s data schema with custom predictive fields. Optimize your sales pipeline with predictive insights, receive predictive reports, and improve deal management with predictive scoring models.

Take your Pipedrive account to the next level

Learn more about our Pipedrive AI Booster package.


AI E-mail Generator

Use Pipedrive AI to create personalized emails by simply specifying the prompt. Choose the email content, length (short, standard, long), and tone (professional, formal, friendly). If you’re not satisfied with the output, regenerate the message. Feel free to use your generated email in the detail view or the Sales Inbox. It’s that easy!


AI E-mail Summaries

Condense email mega-threads into concise summaries. Streamline onboarding for new reps, enhance sales collaboration, reduce information overload, and improve decision-making on open deals.


Next Best Opportunity

Timing is everything in sales and marketing. Pipedrive AI acts as a full-time sales analyst, constantly monitoring your deals to ensure you focus on the ones that matter most. By comparing open deals with past successes recorded in your Pipedrive account, it identifies the next best opportunities and prompts you to take immediate action.


Next Best Action

Pipedrive AI identifies the next best opportunities by comparing open deals with past successes, ensuring you focus on what matters most. For deals with a high likelihood of success, Pipedrive AI guides you through the process by suggesting specific actions such as phone calls, emails, or demo meetings. It helps you take targeted actions to close deals quickly and efficiently, maximizing your success rate.


Predictive Deal Properties

The AI Pipedrive Booster package uses custom predictive properties in each deal, generated by our custom ML model. These properties provide important insights like the chance of deal success, likelihood of closing in 30, 60, and 90 days, an ML-generated deal score, predicted lifetime deal value, and a recommended sales rep. Still, these are just the standard predictive properties; the final set always includes truly custom properties specific to your Pipedrive account.

Based on outputs from multiple ML models trained on your past Pipedrive data, these insights and predictive props help you make smarter choices. Our REST API seamlessly integrates your custom model predictions into your Pipedrive account, boosting your sales strategy with predictive insights. Use these predictions to improve lead distribution and automate deal management, boosting your sales success.


Synthetic Deal Score

One of the key components of the Pipedrive AI Booster is the custom ML model deployed via a REST API endpoint. After thorough training on your historical Pipedrive data, it provides and updates a spot-synthetic deal score based on deal activities and updates. This score, ranging from 0 to 100, indicates how close you are to successfully closing the deal. It’s automatically generated, giving you real-time insights.


Predictive Reporting

Another benefit of training a custom ML model and integrating it with your Pipedrive account, along with adding custom data to the deal’s details view, is the ability to use this predictive data in reporting. You can utilize built-in Pipedrive reporting or set up custom reporting. It gives you the ability to glimpse into the future regarding your Pipedrive deals. With predictive metrics at your disposal, you can run reports on various aspects, such as predictive sales rep engagement over the next 90 days and more.


Pipedrive AI Booster Package

Configuration of AI E-mail Generator & AI E-mail Summaries

We connect all your inboxes to Pipedrive’s AI modules and kickstart your automated e-mails.

Configuration of Next Best Opportunity & Next Best Action

We clean up your Pipedrive account to provide as much signal for model training as possible, and set up AI Assistants to pinpoint your Next Best Opportunity and plan your Next Best Actions.

Full historical data export, predictive model training and model deployment

We export your historical Pipedrive data and train predictive models. Once finalized, we deploy and monitor the model’s performance.

Predictive Properties and Synthetic Deal Score calculated real-time

We the model with your Pipedrive account to populate predictive properties in real-time and enable actionable insights for your deals. Once everything flies, we configure reporting layer to consume your predictive properties.

No-risk PoC to see if there’s a match and value.

With AI/ML, the outcome heavily depends on the specifics of the dataset, including its volume, variety, and value. That’s why our Pipedrive AI Booster package includes a simplified, no-risk, 7-day Proof of Concept implementation. During this time, we run our ML models on your data to see what insights emerge and determine the scope of what we can truly automate and predict. Afterward, we arrange a post-PoC call to assess the results and plan the full implementation, ensuring that AI/ML is not just a gadget but a way to upgrade your Pipedrive account . We can always put the project on hold after the PoC phase, no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much data do I need in my Pipedrive to start using AI capabilities and train custom ML models?

At least 100 won deals. The richer the customer schema, the better your chances of fully leveraging the AI modules offered by Pipedrive and training robust custom ML models that output predictive properties.

What predictive deal properties will be added to my account?

As a baseline, our models predict the following properties: chance of deal success, likelihood of closing in 30, 60, and 90 days, an ML-generated deal score, predicted lifetime deal value, and a recommended sales rep. During the model training, additional properties may be identified as we work with you.

How do you export data from my Pipedrive account, and what happens if we complete the collaboration or want to stop at PoC?

We run our own ETL (extract, transform, load) process via dedicated, secure tools and endpoints. All data is synced to BigQuery, which serves as a data warehouse. Before modeling, all data is anonymized, and we use only pseudonymous IDs, such as deal IDs or contact IDs. If the PoC is completed and unsuccessful, all data is removed. If successful, your ML models are quickly deployed as ML API endpoints, enriching future events generated by your Pipedrive account. These models are occasionally re-run to ensure robust performance on live data.

What are the timings?

The PoC phase takes 7 days, concluding with a call where we walk you through our work and the model results. During the post-PoC call, we outline potential next steps for integrating the model predictions with your account. The PoC is risk-free and can either lead to full implementation if successful or serve as a valuable learning exercise if more data is needed. Either way, you will learn what you can achieve with the data you already have and what to do if you’re not yet AI-ready.

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