About us

At Samurai, we use AI to make products more empathetic.

We believe that pure intelligence without empathy becomes a technological commodity these days. Everyone and their dog already have their own, top performing neural network architecture.

Yet product empathy, i.e. ability of a non-lively entities to understand its users to the point of blurring the barriers between the human and the machine, is where the AI space is going. That’s what we believe.

Also, that’s why we don’t think we’ll fight with robots. Quite reversely, we believe we’ll fight along the robots to make our earthly existence more exciting. This will happen.

Our daily work in Samurai is about reduction. We have a reductionist approach to our work. It doesn’t mean we’re lazy. It means we don’t like to build things that don’t embody our main thesis, i.e. intelligent empathy. If a product feature does not improve upon every interaction with its users, this feature neither exhibits intelligence nor empathy. We wouldn’t like to build this thing.

By contrast, if we can get our hands on a product that has any chance of becoming empathetic, we will dive deep.

Samurai is a young organisation, but we have a profile of an ideal person or company to work with. You should remember that AI will not solve every single problem for you. But problems that it can solve, it will solve graciously.

If you happen to work with us, talk to us at one of the upcoming meetups or simply send us an e-mail to mac@samurai.technology and let us know what kind of intelligence you're considering for your product.